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Dementia Coloring Book: Anti-Stress and memory loss colouring pad for the elderly

Author: DementiaActivity Studio

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1070216968
ISBN 13: 978-1070216966

Dementia coloring book: Anti-Stress and memory loss colouring book for the elderly is an innovative colouring book developed specifically for those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers, or other elderly citizens who may be showing signs of memory loss. It is designed to relax and stimulate these patients

Unlike other elderly colouring books, these colouring pages are tailored for those at all stages of dementia. With no complex activities, and the use of only circular shapes, these colouring pages were made to stimulate brain activity in a way which will help not only calm those using it, but encourage the appropriate mental patterns required for memory stability.

Each page is repeated a number of times throughout the course of the colouring book, which allows carers to clearly see process from the start of the book to the end of the book. Although pages are not ranked in order of complexity, the repetition of pages throughout the book will allow clear patterns of improvement to be observed by family, friends and carers.

The dementia coloring book was developed from insights given by neurologists, psychologists, caregivers and dementia and alzheimers patients, to only contain what is proven to work.

It is recommended that a schedule is developed with these activities, to provide further structure to the task. This may be one page a day, one each morning and night, or a number each day for consecutive days.


Book Features:

  • 90 Pages of coloring in

  • Repeated activities for easy tracking of progress

  • Circular designs to stimulate the correct parts of the brain

  • Simple designs that are designed to reduce stress