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Dementia or Alzheimer's?: A Daughter's Guide to Home Care from the Early Signs and Onset of Dementia through the Various Alzheimer Stages

Author: Robin Gail

Publisher: Robin Gail

ISBN 10: 0999247646
ISBN 13: 978-0999247648

Is it dementia or Alzheimer’s?”

Or is it simply memory loss as we age? One of the first questions we ask when elderly folks begin to show cognitive impairment.

If you are one of over 44 million caregivers in the world, you may be searching for information to assist and guide you through the course of your loved one’s illness and the different Alzheimer's stages.

Robin Gail provides a personal look from a family caregiver perspective inside the daunting reality of the onset of dementia and progression into its most common form, Alzheimer’s disease. Other forms include frontotemporal dementia and Lewy body dementia as well as vascular dementia.

Those suffering with dementia and the ones caring for them CAN improve their quality of life. It is possible. This informative book will show you how.

Dementia or Alzheimer's? is chockful of helpful tips and solutions caregivers will find invaluable.It offers support and encouragement for those who are caring for a loved one. You will discover ways to face and navigate the issues and difficult decisions you may confront on a daily basis. You will find suggestions and strategies to help maintain your own personal life, avoid caregiver depression, manage your own stress and fatigue and avoid burnout as you care for your loved one.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

delves into the importance of entering your loved one’s new reality and providing them with compassionate care and unconditional love as you honor their life. You will find there can be unexpected moments of joy, humor, and countless wonderful memories made as you go through this journey.

You will learn:

  • How to deal with your suspicion and realization that your loved one may have some form of dementia
  • How to accept that they are ill
  • Important planning efforts to be undertaken, both financially and legally
  • The straightforward approach of ideas and methods used that assisted Robin Gail and her husband in their quest to provide the best quality of life for her beloved mother
  • Practical ways to make yours and your loved one’s life as normal as possible as you are faced with daily challenges such as aggressive or disruptive behavior, wandering (Sundowner's Syndrome)
  • Ways to keep from losing yourself and your life (as you know it) while caring for an ill loved one
  • How to keep yourself healthy and relieve your stress and emotional strain, and ways to manage the immense daily challenges of being a family caregiver
  • Ways to keep yourself resilient in the ever-changing, challenging behaviors of people with dementia/Alzheimer's
  • How to make informed choices for the different scenarios this disease presents and how to be sure they are the smartest choices available
  • Various options you may have for a higher level of care, when needed, and different types of housing for your loved one
  • The importance of celebrating their life
  • Valuable resources listed at the end of this book

Robin Gail has put her insights and practical suggestions and solutions for home care into this informative book designed to inspire and uplift caregivers as they struggle through the complexities of dementia.