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Dependent Personality Disorder Journal: Beautiful Journal To Track Various Moods and DPD Symptoms, Energy, Therapy, Coping Skills, & Lots Of Lined ... Quotes, Illustrations, Prompts & More!

Author: LoveThySelfDesigns

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1705349951
ISBN 13: 978-1705349953

DEPENDENT PERSONALITY DISORDER JOURNAL suitable for those who have experienced codependency and have Dependent Personality Disorder which can be caused by trauma and cause intensities of mood, compulsive and impulsive behaviours, difficulties in relationships, dissociation, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and a lot more that can be difficult to manage! This book is great for tracking your symptoms and interactions in relationships in a non-judgemental supportive way that can help you identify triggers, supplement your therapy, and general promote perspective as well as encouraging self care. It can be used for monitoring your implementation of coping mechanisms and its great for writing your feelings as a mindfulness exercise, This book is perfect taking to therapy with you, to take notes or to keep track of how you're doing between sessions.
This journal makes a beautifully thoughtful gift for someone who suffers from DPD buy it as a gift to yourself if you are looking for a book to help write down your thoughts, track your mental health and use as a tool in your self-care

  • MOOD vs ENERGY TRACKER this book contains Mood vs Energy tracking for a general overview of how you are feeling day to day, with a place to write potential triggers below.
  • DEPENDENCY SYMPTOM TRACKING PAGES these pages track specific emotions like anxiety, loneliness, anger, relationship issues as well as the severity throughout the week, it also tracks improvements and healthy habits. There are also day by day activity and feeling logs to help spot possible triggers as part of your recovery.
  • CODEPENDENCY RELATIONSHIP CHECKLIST AND WORKSHEETS identify healthy vs unhealthy interactions, great for working through emotional abuse and building self-esteem.
  • INSPIRING QUOTES to help people with codependency have 'mottos' to help get over feelings such as guilt and isolation and instead inspire self-acceptance.
  • MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS EXERCISES to use during daily life to promote calm and self-care.
  • GRATITUDE PROMPTS including "who are you most grateful for?", "when is gratitude important?" to help refocus negative thought patterns to help create stronger coping mechanisms for sufferers of codependency and trauma
  • 180 PAGES of high quality paper with helpful prompts, lovely illustrations, quotes, exercises and lined journal pages.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLOSSY COVER with a beautiful design. Check out my other books for more designs.

This book includes mood and energy tracker pages where you can create weekly graphs to generally track the intensity of your mood and energy levels, along with fully fledged symptom trackers to track everything from; anxiety, healthy eating, coping strategies, therapy sessions, loneliness, anger, intrusive thoughts, self-harm, and lots of other symptoms to help you monitor your condition. There are also daily feeling and activity logs to help you spot triggers. There are also beautiful quotes in the interior with illustrations. There are gratitude prompts which can help refocus thoughts on bad days from what makes life difficult to the things that make life great. This book has plenty of blank pages to use to track medications, meditations, therapy notes, write down your thoughts and generally promote self-care, expression, mental health and mindfulness.

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