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Depression and the Immature Romance: A Constructive Guide to the Causes, Cures, Types, and Secret Inner Psychology of Depression

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Author: Roman Gelperin

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1097897583
ISBN 13: 978-1097897582

Have you struggled to understand depression—in yourself, in a close friend or family member, or just in the people you observe around you? Have you ever wondered, in vain, what had caused your depression, what sinister process took over your mind, and what you could do to cure or overcome it?

Or did you wish you could know what caused another person’s depression, wished you could read what that person was thinking, and felt completely helpless about what—if anything—you could do to help them? Has all the information you found on depression seemed utterly shallow, unsatisfying, or irrelevant?

Well, this book will give you the answers, knowledge, and in-depth understanding of the psychology of depression that you have been searching for, but couldn’t find. Because it isn’t available almost anywhere else.

In Depression and the Immature Romance, the author, humanistic psychologist, and expert on depression Roman Gelperin will teach you all about the little-known causes, types, and unseen inner psychology of depression. You’ll also learn what things cure depression, which cures to pursue for different types of depression, and the ways you can help yourself and the people around you.

Having personally experienced depression, consumed all the best literature and research on the subject, and for a year-and-a-half even dated a girl with a long history of depression while writing this book, the author weaves introspection, interpersonal observation, and cutting-edge research into a masterful and eye-opening narrative explaining depression.

This book tackles a classic psychological paradox, first noted by Freud: Why does a loving relationship between two mature adults normally lead, after its breakup, only to regular, healthy sadness; while an ambivalent, love-hate relationship between two adolescents, or those with the mentality of adolescents, more often end in a pathological, self-hating depression? Diving into his own experience of depression, caused by the breakup of his first adolescent relationship, the author decisively answers this question.

With unreserved honesty and rigorous detail, he reveals the cause, mental processes, and surprising cure of his own depression. And he takes concrete examples of real individuals who also identified the cause, underlying psychology, and permanent cure of their depressions, to give you a groundbreaking new understanding of the full range of depression in general.

This book covers the following:

  • A detailed overview of what’s currently known about depression

  • The nature of the emotions and cognitive elements involved in depression

  • A surefire formula that causes depression

  • Cases in which depression is an appropriate reaction

  • The different types of depression, and the remedy each requires

  • Depression as an adaptive function in animals that possess social status

  • Psychedelic drugs as a new, powerful treatment for certain types of depression

By the end of this book, you’ll have a rich understanding of depression; have greater awareness, control, and insight into your own mental processes; and have a good sense of what another person is going through when they become depressed.

You’ll also know highly effective ways to prevent depression in yourself and others, how you can provide genuine help to a depressed friend or relative, and how to repair your own mental processes when they go wrong.

But overcoming depression is a race against time, so scroll up again and select the Buy Button now.