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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Complete DBT Guide for Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, and Addictions. How to Regulate Emotions and Learn New Skills to Enhance Your Capabilities.

Author: Seth Goleman

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1654508322
ISBN 13: 978-1654508326

Do you find yourself having trouble managing your emotions?

In this book, we explore Dr. Marsha Linehan’s groundbreaking treatment, which was first developed for borderline personality disorder. It has been proven as an effective and easy to follow treatment that includes mindfulness. Not only is this treatment focused for BPD, but research has shown that DBT can treat other types of mental health issues such as anxiety and addiction. 

This is a great book for anyone who suffers from these disorders, as well as those having trouble managing their emotions or if they have family and friends that do. 

DBT has been proven to improve your ability to handle stress and trauma without acting destructively or losing control. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy will be helpful for anyone going through dialectal behavioral therapy or if you plan to help a friend or family member going through DBT. Dialectical Behavior Therapy also known as DBT for short, has four stages. These stages are as follows: Stage 1, aims to treat the most destructive behavior in a person which is self-injury and suicide attempts. In state 2, the therapist focuses on addressing the quality of life skills such as distress tolerance, emotional regulation as well as interpersonal effectiveness. For state 3, the focus is on improving self-esteem and simultaneously relationships. Finally, in stage 4, therapy is focused on increasing relationship connections and bringing in more happiness and joy into the person’s life. Knowing and understanding dialectical behavior therapy will help you and others around you getting through DBT. 

In addition to knowing what to expect in DBT, this book will help you: learn the signs and symptoms, the causes and risk factors, as well as possible complications. Not only will you learn how to find a therapist but also techniques and other treatments. 

In this book, we will explore how DBT is used in:

●         Borderline personality disorder

●         Anxiety

●         Addictions

At the end of some of these chapters, you will also benefit from some simple mindfulness exercises so you can reap the benefits of mindfulness or understand what it is. You will also find an entire chapter dedicated to DBT and mindfulness, where we discuss:

●         The Observe Skill

●         The Describe Skill

●         The Practice Skill

Finally, we also look into managing emotions by first exploring what emotions are, how to act, and not react as well as techniques and exercises to help you channel in more positive thoughts in your mind as well as how to cope in times of crisis. 

It does not matter whether you are a professional or a general reader, you can use this book to support your therapy work, learn new ideas, understand what DBT is about so you can support someone who is going through it, or you can use this book as a basis for self-help. Either way, you will greatly benefit from this clear and concise book, which aims to help you manage your emotions in a healthy way. 

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