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Diary of a Missing Person

Author: S.P. Elliott

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1086512863
ISBN 13: 978-1086512861

This is an outrageous adventure about a man who has a serious problem, enduring at times hilarious and often deeply thought-provoking circumstances. He is the everyday man, an Australian larrikin with a big heart, trying to make his way through life with bipolar disorder and an overactive libido. He will take you to his early life, loving Church and God as a deeply flawed and remorseful character with a dry sense of humour.Experiencing many supernatural experiences along the way, in his adult life he ends up in a religious cult following an Indian Guru, convincing himself to run through every state and territory of Australia with a flaming torch to spread a message of peace and oneness for his Guru Sri Chinmoy. After still more adventures, including being noticeably off-keel in New York, he tries to wed a nun in central outback Australia, before ending up in a mental hospital. Finally, he finds a depth of peace we all yearn for. Will you cheer for me, as you possibly find your own sense of peace within these pages?