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Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life

Author: Andy Mason

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1456361414
ISBN 13: 978-1456361419


How would it feel to have someone not only believe in you and your dreams, but also work alongside you to help those dreams become reality? What would it be like if we lived in a community where everyone was intentionally seeking to encourage and empower on another to discover their purpose and live their dream? We believe this kind of community is possible and it starts with you and me.

Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life is a personal life coach tool that will connect you with God, walk with you to unlock the dreams and desires of your heart and empower yo to make them a reality. Each chapter contains simple and relevant teaching, inspiration, real-life stories and practical Dream Activation Exercises designed in conjunction with nationally renowned life-coach trainer, Tony Stoltzfus. \

Dream Culture Endorsements

"Rare is the book that is so intensely practical yet so powerfully supernatural. I look forward to seeing the affect this book will have on the hearts and minds of believers around the world."

Bill Johnson

"Anyone who is in transition or in need of greater direction or doesn't have specific ideas of how to pursue dreams should read this book. I give this book my highest recommendation for the subject."

Shawn Bolz