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Dream Decoder: Interpret Your Unconscious and Understand Your Deepest Desires, Fears, and Hidden Emotions

Author: Dr. Fiona Zucker

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN 10: 162914178X
ISBN 13: 978-1629141787

What does it mean when you dream about flying? What do the colors in our dreams mean? What does it mean when there are trees or flowers in our dreams? Dr. Fiona Zucker and Jonny Zucker set out in this comprehensive Dream Decoder the answers to all of your questions about your dreams. The chapters unveil the secrets of many aspects of dreaming, including:

Life and death
Forces of nature
Dreaming in green
People and places
Everyday items
Actions and situations
The human body
And many more!

Along with the interpretations of these symbols, the authors also include information on keeping a dream diary, how to prepare for dreaming, how dream catchers work, and how to have and deal with lucid dreams. With Dream Decoder, you will never have to wonder about your dreams again!