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DSM-5 Clinical Cases

Author: John W. Barnhill

Publisher: Amer Psychiatric Pub

ISBN 10: 1585624632
ISBN 13: 978-1585624638

ISBN 10: 1585624683
ISBN 13: 978-1585624683

DSM-5[trademark] Clinical Cases is a versatile volume designed to be used in a variety of contexts and for an audience that includes teachers, students, and clinicians. A companion to DSM-5[trademark], Clinical Cases brings DSM-5[trademark] to life through engaging narratives of every disorder. Faithful to the new edition, the book emphasizes the diagnostic concerns of severity, dimensionality, culture, age and development, and gender. Each case is presented by an expert who concludes with a discussion of the context of the diagnosis. Anyone interested in understanding the interface between disorder classification and patient diagnosis will find DSM-5[trademark] Clinical Cases compelling, captivating, and enlightening to read.