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Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness Into the Light

Author: Indigo Debra Triplett

Publisher: Careers In Transition

ISBN 10: 0984349197
ISBN 13: 978-0984349197

Dueling Dragons takes the reader on a personal and professional journey from the darkness into the light. It takes a poignant look at what life is like for a businesswoman who discovers that she has bipolar disorders and goes into denial which leads to a life lived similar to a rollercoaster ride. There are classic behavioral examples of how a person with bipolar disorder thinks and behaves which is a blessing and a curse. This book details the author's mania and depression of bipolar disorder in a refreshingly blunt and hilariously honest way that causes the reader to actually feel as if s/he is experiencing the journey along with the author. This book is a must read for anyone who has been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and for those who support and love someone with bipolar disorder. The book gives not only a front seat to her near madness, but practical solutions and techniques to manage the disorder.