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Dwarf Planet: A Practical Guide Through Depression

Author: Benjamin Sledge

Publisher: HeartSupport, Inc

ISBN 10: 0999154524
ISBN 13: 978-0999154526

Depression feels like living on a distant dwarf planet. This book is your way out.
You know the feeling. You’re in a cold, lifeless place, and all alone on the fringes of the solar system. Sure, you can see the sun from afar and know other people are having the time of their life, but you’re stuck on this dwarf planet of an illness no one cares about.
That ends now. This book is the result of years of coaching, studying, winning, failing, and talking to hundreds of people. Coming from an organization that’s been named one of the top 100 non-profits in the realm of mental health, we’ll help you discover a hopeful future. Inside these pages, you’ll explore new facts about your depression and navigate obstacles that stand in the way.
If you’re tired of trite books that read like medical dictionaries and want authentic and vulnerable storytelling, Dwarf Planet is the escape pod you’ve been looking for. You’ll complete exercises that challenge you, read stories that inspire you, and finally feel like someone understands your struggle.
Climb in. We’re going to get you off this rock.
This book is part of the outreach programs of HeartSupport—an organization created by Grammy-nominated musician Jake Luhrs of the metal band August Burns Red. Proceeds from this book will continue to help fund further projects by HeartSupport in the realm of recovery. The author receives no royalties.