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Easy Coping Strategies for Stress: Discover Ways and Mechanisms To Reduce Stress for the Anxious Mind

Author: Nicholas Weber

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1674778643
ISBN 13: 978-1674778648

Do you feel stressed all day? Do you want to start feeling better, even if you’re completely overwhelmed?

It all seemed routine, but something was building.

Coming into your office, your boss adds another project to your plate and moves up the deadline on another. Ever since your coworker left, everyone’s been picking up the slack…a string of long days and constant deadlines. It hasn’t been an easy month, but that’s work, right?

Unfortunately, so. A staggering 80% of Americans report being stressed at work regularly.

You’re upbeat and calm in the exchange, but once they’re gone, you feel a shortness of breath and notice your heart rate has crept up. You laugh it off, blaming your excessive affinity for coffee, and get back into it. No time to waste.

Finally, you get to a stopping point you can live with. And after sitting in some routine traffic, you get home…to an empty table. You do a mental inventory to figure out the fastest thing you can make.

Your spouse is nowhere to be found, and your child wanders in with a test from school covered in red ink and tears streaming down their face. Dinner’s going to have to wait. But not the wine.

Getting everything ready for the next day, you notice yourself getting tense. You’re tired and just need to get to bed. But lying down, worries start popping up. Why can’t your child grasp these basic math principles? How are you going to get that new project done? Why is your spouse so distant?

You wake up with a start before your alarm. Feeling tired, you notice a sniffle. That’s not a cold, is it!? You tell yourself it’s not and keep moving. No time to waste.

Stress is our response to demands and perceived threats in our environment and has become so routine we just accept the burden as normal.

75% of Americans report significant stress in the last month. And for half of them, it's getting worse.

While temporary stress can be helpful, prolonged stress is detrimental.

Beyond simply increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, chronic stress diminishes your immune system and increases inflammation. Your performance could start to suffer. It’s common to feel tired and anxious. What’s more, physical and mental health issues may start cropping up.

Usually, the problem is a perfect storm of ongoing, external stressors and inadequate coping mechanisms. Fortunately, you can learn constructive responses and relaxation techniques that don’t take long to do and make things manageable again.

In Easy Coping Strategies for Stress, you'll discover:

  • How this technique is associated with anger, but is actually a fun way to relieve stress
  • Emotion-focused coping vs. problem-focused coping. What’s more effective for you?
  • All the tiny actions you can adopt into your daily routine to alleviate stress—most will surprise you.
  • How to build your mind of steel
  • How to reduce social stress and build healthier relationships
  • All about the obscure therapies to consider if the stress gets overwhelming
  • This is the single, best way to release the emotions that are tying you up in knots

And much more.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a free visual guide on how to relieve stress with self-massage.

Many people tend to ignore the initial signs of chronic stress because they are so wrapped up in the demands of their life. And at first, the problems seem like they can be ignored. But they can sneak up on you.

The good news is that coping and relaxation techniques don’t take long to learn or use. It just takes a deliberate effort. And they make a big difference!

So, even you can get rid of stress to start feeling healthy and productive again. To get started, scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right away.