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Easy Relaxing Puzzles: Includes Spot the Odd One Out, Mazes, Word Searches and Find the Differences

Author: Joy Kinnest

Publisher: Lomic Books

ISBN 10: 1988923093
ISBN 13: 978-1988923093

This extra, easy puzzle book is terrific for elderly seniors with mild dementia.

This book includes many great features and puzzles:

  • Extra, easy Spot the Odd One Out puzzles
  • Simple-to-sovle Mazes
  • Easy, large-print Word Search puzzles
  • Light and fun Find the Differences puzzles
  • Easy-to-read with large print and clear pictures
  • Very simple instructions and solutions
All in all, Easy Relaxing Puzzles is the perfect activity book for adults who have dementia or Alzheimer's disease — as well as, seniors and loved ones who simply enjoy extra, easy puzzles!