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Eating Disorder Journal: Beautiful Journal To Track Food & Meals , Feelings, Energy - Track Your Triggers And Thoughts Around Meals, With Worksheets, Gratitude Prompts and Quotes.

Author: Sophia Side

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1081415398
ISBN 13: 978-1081415396

EATING DISORDER JOURNAL to help you on your journey and can be used to supplement your therapy (skip any sections that are not helpful to your recovery) and help overcome your eating disorder. Track your meals, triggers after meal time to help with purging or binge eating, mood, energy, symptoms and comes with mindfulness eating worksheets and other FOOD TRIGGER TRACKING worksheets as well as blank symptom sheets where you can customise your own trigger tracker, there are also gratitude prompts and motivational quotes!

  • FOOD LOGtrack the food you eat, water, exercise, and more with this helpful food log. This is not meant to be used to encourage restriction but instead can be used as a log to show your therapist, or to help you spot triggers and progress.
  • FOOD TRIGGER TRACKER write down the food you eat and how you feel before and in the hours afterwards to stay mindful.
  • FOOD TRIGGER CHECKLIST use this check list to spot potential triggers and how the correspond with your eating - use the blank symptom logs to create your own trigger tracker.
  • WEEKLY ENERGY VS MOOD LOG use this diary to spot trends and "danger zones" for you to find alternatives to emotional eating and instead implement self care.
  • MINDFUL EATING WORKSHEET use this to assist with mindful eating habits.
  • GRATITUDE PROMPTS including "who are you thankful for?", "when is gratitude important?" to help refocus negative thought patterns to help create stronger coping mechanisms.
  • MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES to keep you inspired!
  • HIGH QUALITY JOURNAL with over 150 pages and a glossy cover in a 8.5x11 size - high quality paper with helpful prompts, lovely illustrations, quotes, exercises and lined journal pages.

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