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Author: Justin Stenstrom

Publisher: Elite Man Magazine

ISBN 10: 1734332301
ISBN 13: 978-1734332308

There are currently 450 million people globally who at any given minute harbor mental illness. Of these 450 million sufferers 800,000 each year can no longer endure their mental affliction any further and end up taking their own lives...

It’s a sad but harsh reality of the world we live in. Far too many people are living unhappy lives, and far too many people are dying because of it.

This epidemic has to stop. But thus far the studies only indicate that it’s getting worse...

We all know someone who has committed suicide, and for some of us, we may even know several individuals who have.

It’s a true tragedy in every sense of the word when we get that call, read that text, or see that social media post and wonder, “What if?” to ourselves.

Suicide is the epitome of wasted talent and the quintessence of heartache.

It has to STOP.

And it WILL…

Elite Mind gives readers the precise tools to defeat their mental woes.

Whether their fight is suicide, or whether it’s depression, or whether it’s the anxiety that’s overthrown their day-to-day psyche, Elite Mind gives step-by-step strategies for mental mastery.

For those needing eternal reprieve from their mental anguish, this book is a GODSEND.

But Elite Mind’s effect doesn’t stop there…

For as many millions of people as there are dealing with clinical mental illness, there are many millions more just floating by in life.

The countless millions, perhaps even billions, who drift through life bored, lethargic, and unhappy. It’s almost as if they have no pulse, but in fact they do.

They want to change and they want to have a life they actually enjoy, they’re simply unaware of how to snap out of their self-imposed spell.

Perhaps this sounds like YOU…

If so, Elite Mind is the antidote YOU need.

Through its compendium of action-packed strategies for success, distinctly exhilarating first-person narratives, and uproariously funny accounts of exemplary tales of mischief and adventure, Elite Mind will keep you on the edge of your seat while imparting the wisdom you need for change.

Elite Mind not only shows you how to get back in the game, but how to THRIVE when you do.

It guides you into unleashing your inner confidence, finding your true purpose, and cultivating a happiness in life that you’ve only experienced in your WILDEST DREAMS.

Elite Mind is the perfect blend of narrative allure and practical how-to.

It takes the ordinarily mundane topic of mental health and entertains and excites you, whilst simultaneously informing you and giving you a real-world account of how to win the battle with your mind and create the life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to end your anxiety or depression GET THIS BOOK.

If you want to unleash your inner confidence GET THIS BOOK.

If you want to arm yourself with the tools needed to live an extraordinary life full of happiness and success GET THIS BOOK.

Stop wasting your time (and life) and ORDER NOW!