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Emotional Bitch: A path to emotional consciousness.

Author: Rebeka Smyth

Publisher: Indy Press

ISBN 10: 0578620421
ISBN 13: 978-0578620428

Rebeka Smyth is a long-time television journalist. Most people would never suspect that she suffered from deep emotional and codependency issues. With her career on the rise at the largest U.S. broadcaster, she managed to mask her pain for years. Meanwhile, she also encountered hundreds of women who had gone through emotional hardship. They were on the verge of suicide, addicted to food or social media, made decisions they ultimately regretted.  

If Rebeka hadn't embarked on this journey of emotional consciousness, she would have kept making the wrong decisions in life. She would have stayed with the wrong man, the wrong job, would not have moved to the United States, and even more so she would not have been ready to love and be loved. 

After three years of research, Rebeka decided to write Emotional Bitch in the hope that other women, too, would take control of their lives by being in control of their thoughts and, consequently, their emotions. 

She did it, and she is sure, so can you!