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Emotional Intelligence: How to Manage Anger, Overcome Negativity and Master your Emotions

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Author: Jenny Wayne

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1687736952
ISBN 13: 978-1687736956

Have you heard about " Emotional Intelligence"?  What is Emotional Intelligence ?  Does it matter ? How can we work with it as our advantage ? 

Everything starts with you, that’s a sure thing! If you want to understand yourself more deeply, and how to use emotional intelligence to live a life that is happy and fulfilled then this book is what you need.  
Be Aware that Emotional Intelligence it can matter more then the IQ! Find out why and how to master your emotions and your life will improve big time. 

Inside you will discover:  
-What emotional intelligence is 
-How to master your emotions and feel in control of your life 
-How to overcome negativity  
-How to improve yourself by developing emotional intelligence 
-Causes of anxiety and how to get rid of it 
-How to manage anger  
Tips and tricks to mindfulness 

Keep on reading you will be in control all the time. This book will help you walk through life smiling no matter what. 

Keep up the good vibes and be EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT!