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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible 7 Books in 1: Emotional Intelligence, How to Analyze People, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dark Psychology, Manipulation, Stoicism, Enneagram Personality Types

Author: Robert Eastman

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1711225576
ISBN 13: 978-1711225579

7 Books in 1 Boxset

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence To Become A Better Leader!

The concept of emotional intelligence is one of the most exciting and practical
concepts of today’s psychological science. In a nutshell, emotional intelligence
means understanding emotions – both yours and other people’s. An emotionally
intelligent person can:
• cope with stressful situations
• resolve conflicts
• inspire and motivate others
• communicate well
• and much more!

If you’re a leader, or aspire to be a leader, emotional intelligence is your key quality and you should work at it all the time. 

Included in this book collection are:

Emotional Intelligence: Discover the Leadership Skills to Boost Your EQ and Improve Your Decision Making

How to Analyze People: The Complete Guide to Reading Body Language and Nonverbal Communication. Learn Emotional Intelligence Skills to Speed Read People 

Stoicism for Beginners: Practical Guide to Build Your Own Stoic Daily Routine and Achieve True Happiness

Manipulation: Persuasion Techniques of NLP to influence People Through Dark Psychology and Mind Control

Dark Psychology: Discover the Power of Dark Psychology. Learn how to Influence people Using Mind Control, Persuasion and Manipulation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT Beginner Guide. Learn the strategies to Overcome Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and Mood Disorder

Enneagram Personality Types: An Adventure in Self-Discovery. Learn How to Use the Sacred Enneagram for Personal Growth and for Improving Relationships. Realize the Test and Find out Your Personality

Are you ready to unlock your potential and achieve the great success that you

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