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Emotional Intelligence: This Book Includes: Emotional Intelligence For Leadership, Improve Your Social Skills And Empath. A Complete Guide To Master ... And Feeling Good With People Around Yourself

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Author: Doris Goleman

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1707278547
ISBN 13: 978-1707278541

Become The Awesome Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be: Here’s How

You’ve probably been taught that your success depends on your IQ. However, research has shown that there’s a more important factor: your emotional intelligence.

People with high emotional intelligence:

don’t let negative emotions control you and your behavior

are hard to offend and don’t hold grudges

are good at neutralizing toxic people

 intuitively make other people feel good 

make wise decisions

Sounds good?

However, most of us aren’t born with high emotional intelligence and have to work on it.

Even if you’ve always been struggling with your and other people’s emotions, you can improve yourself and become emotionally intelligent.

This makes LITERALLY everything easier. As you become the friendly, confident, understanding and wise person you’ve always wanted to be, you’ll attract amazing people, discover great career opportunities, and bring more harmony into your life.

OK, so how exactly do you improve your emotional intelligence? By following and applying the advice you’ll find in this book bundle!

With these books, you will:

  • Learn how to understand and manage your own emotions – no more ugly outbursts of anger and jealousy, no more crippling anxiety!

  • Boost your confidence and resilience so other people’s words won’t hurt you so much!

  • Successfully manage the important relationships in your life – improve your marriage and your workplace!

  • Learn to understand and appreciate other people’s feelings – they’ll respond with trust and loyalty!

  • Improve your communication skills in all fields: work, dating, friendships, and more!

Emotional intelligence is a very wide topic and there’s a lot to learn. However, as you become more aware of your and other people’s emotions, you’ll see the first changes and become truly inspired to work on your emotional intelligence.

Are you ready for this amazing change?

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