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Emotionally Trumped Out: So You're Outraged, Now What?

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Author: Diane Altomare

Publisher: Onpoint Publishing

ISBN 10: 1732727422
ISBN 13: 978-1732727427

ISBN 10: 1732727406
ISBN 13: 978-1732727403

EMOTIONAL EXPERT MEETS POLITICAL FIRESTORM * An illuminating guide that illustrates exactly how to transform the outrage, relinquish the anxiety, transcend the fear and begin the healing. From NBC & ABC emotional expert, bestselling author of Clarity and host of Politically Emotional radio.

"Being outraged simply isn't enough. This book offers helpful tools for transforming outrage into action. Worth the read!" -VAN JONES, CNN, host of The Van Jones show

Diane Altomare has been guiding people to embrace their shadows and make peace with their past, for over 18 years and has become fascinated by the psychological behavior of people, as a result of the new level of intense emotional upset thrust into our daily lives by this administration, the media's coverage of it and the social media debates about it.

We are all being emotionally affected by the intense political climate, in our country. So many people are consumed by anxiety, fear and anger. Many feel helpless and emotionally exhausted by it all. 

You, along with millions of Americans, have probably recently experienced some form of negative interaction with someone you politically disagree with--whether you've engaged with a friend or colleague face to face or with someone on social media, these debates may have left you desperately defending your own political views while feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and fury manifested themselves into hate, outrage or even apathy towards close friends or total strangers.

You want to be able to speak your mind, you want to be able to have productive discussions with friends, loved ones, and even strangers about issues close to your heart, but what do you do when these very interactions turn hateful, sapping up all the energy and patience you need to move forward with peace?

Don't let yourself settle for helplessness and exhaustion, for doomed relationships and stagnation in your personal growth. Instead, let emotional expert and bestselling author, Diane Altomare show you how to regain peace in your life, transcend the outrage, anxiety and fear and empower you to address our national challenges with clear eyes and a heart full of love. After just a few pages, you will immediately feel more empowered, hopeful, at peace, and ready to find harmony in all your relationships, even those with whom you disagree.

In Emotionally Trumped Out, Altomare shows you how to transform every political conversation & conflict into inspired action, love & healing. How every moment, experience, conversation and way you are being emotionally affected is an opportunity and gift to return to yourself, transform what's going on and create more of what you desire in your life...and more love and light in the world around you. Not only do we need this guidance individually but our country needs it now, more than ever.

"I have been on edge since 11/7/2016. In three days, your book has helped me so much. I no longer feel constantly on edge, I am much calmer and less irritable and don't feel out of control. I have been able to have several civil conversations. I can't thank you enough. I'm sending you a hug. Bless you!" - JACKIE CLARK

"If you only read one book this year, this is the one to read. It's amazing! I'm recommending this book to everyone I know. It's that good." -ERINN RICH

Exhale, the companion book to Emotionally Trumped Out, includes a journal for your daily thoughts.