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Empath Awakening - How to STOP absorbing pain, stress, and negative energy from others and start healing: (A beginner’s survival guide for highly sensitive and empathic people)

Author: Kara Lawrence

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1699287732
ISBN 13: 978-1699287736

Are you are the one others come to when they need to share their problems, as if they are drawn to you?

Afterward, do you sometimes feel exhausted, even though the pain is not your own?

Do you know what it’s like to be in a crowded room and suddenly be struck with an overwhelming feeling of fear, sadness, or loneliness for no apparent reason?

Perhaps you have begun to sense that somehow, feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression are creeping into your life through exposure to others.

In other words, you suspect you are an empath!

Highly sensitive people can not only detect, but actually feel the emotions of people around them, and this often leaves them helplessly vulnerable to harsh, unwanted emotional experiences and even danger if they don’t know how to defend against it.

This wide open exposure can give you disorienting mood swings, or you may simply have a strong desire to spend time alone. But escaping the crowd is not always the real solution to dodging these emotions or, even worse, the empath’s worst enemy: the narcissist.

There is a lot that will surprise you about being an Empath, such as why you might experience vivid dreams, a strong dislike for violence, or having animals or children drawn to you. But part of learning about the empath experience is arming yourself with the critical defenses you need to live a peaceful, happy life.

Empaths are giving, and it is important to learn to protect yourself and your own mental health so that you are capable of using your gift to help others.

This book is your fast track to getting there. In it, you will discover:

  • Hidden empathic abilities you are probably unaware you possess

  • Feeling tired? How about the single best tool empaths can use to prevent emotional exhaustion

  • The 8 recognizable signs of being empathic you should know about

  • Strong tools to avoid negative energy and how to self-heal

  • Secrets of how to read energy, and how to use it

  • Where energy healing comes into play and how to use it on others

  • Simple protection and shielding techniques from narcissists and energy vampires

  • The 9 types of empaths and how to identify your type

And much more…

Even if you don’t believe the negativity you are absorbing is affecting your life, the feeling of freedom from it might surprise you. Protect yourself by learning what hundreds of empaths like yourself have already learned; how to finally STOP negative emotion in its tracks. If you are ready to learn to master your empathy, scroll up and add this book to your cart!