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Empath, Narcissists and Codependency Cycle Recovery: Learn How to Deal with a Narcissistic Personality and Escape from a Codependent Relationship Even if You are a Highly Sensitive Person

Author: Daniel Anderson

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1071106538
ISBN 13: 978-1071106532

Do you want to discover how to understand, recognize and effectively deal with narcissists and codependent personalities without putting aside your own needs? If yes then keep reading...

Are you an emotionally sensitive person and are tired of being emotionally susceptible to manipulative people? Is taking responsibility for the feelings and problems of others taking a toll on your mental health and overall well-being?

If you would like to learn how to set boundaries and finally say goodbye to letting manipulative people walk all over you because they know they can, then this special bundle is for you.

In this box-set designed for emphatic and other highly sensitive people, Daniel Anderson shows you how to take back control of your life. It is often very easy for emphatic people and other people with the caretaker personality to fall prey to manipulators. 

This bundle will equip you will the tools you need to avoid this fate and turn your "weakness" into strength.

This special bundle contains everything you need to know about how to deal with narcissism people and codependent relationships if you're a highly sensitive person. It contains the following books:

  • Empath: How To Live In An Insensitive World If You're Too Sensitive
  • Narcissist: Discover The True Meaning Of Narcissism And How To Avoid Their Mind Games, Guilt And Manipulation
  • Codependency Cycle Recovery: Be Codependent No More and Recover Your Self-Esteem NOW, Cure Your Soul of Emotional Abuse - Stop Being Manipulated and Controlled by Narcissists and Sociopaths
  • In Empath, you're going to discover:

    • Why there's nothing wrong with being sensitive and how to turn this "weakness" into an unfair advantage
    • The simple 3-step method to help you easily recognize toxic emotions which you've picked up from other people and how to get rid of it
    • The 5 myths about highly sensitive people that you need to stop believing today
    • How to tell if you have a special ability exclusive to empaths and how to develop this ability
    • ...and more!

    Here's what you're also going to learn in Narcissist:

    • How to recognize a narcissistic person from a mile away with these eight surefire tips
    • The subtle but important difference between self-love and narcissism
    • Ten mistakes that people make when dealing with narcissistic abuse that often makes things worse
    • The 7 phases of narcissistic abuse and how to stop it no matter how bad it is
    • ...and much more!

    Finally, here's a snippet of what you're going to discover in Codependency Cycle Recovery:

    • How to free yourself of codependent behavior in 8 simple steps and live your best life
    • Foolproof tips to help you identify codependent people and their behavior in relationships, interactions with friends and family and at work
    • 12 symptoms of codependent behavior you need to be aware of
    • The 2 biggest traps you can fall into when dealing with codependent people and how to avoid them
    • 5 practical ways to instantly feel better about yourself without having to resort to abstract or new-age spiritual techniques
    • ...and tons more!

    Even if you extreme trouble with keeping your empathy under control, even if you've tried and failed in the past to get rid of manipulative and toxic people in the past without much success, there's something in these pages to help you deal with manipulative and toxic personalities and thrive in an unforgiving world.

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