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Encouraging Words for Gambling Addicts

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Author: Cindi Dawson

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1505887771
ISBN 13: 978-1505887778

Addiction is the silent enemy that never seems to go away. It’s there from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. And at times it can seem positively overwhelming. Just when you think your life is back in control, the addiction jumps out at you with no warning and it takes everything you have to fight against it. Your friends and family members, though they love you and want the best for you, tell you to focus on other things, ignore it, and snap out of it. But they don’t understand. Until you have experienced it, you just don’t know how exhausting and debilitating it can be. But there’s someone who does know what you experience every day. He loves you and has provided words of encouragement and strength for you every day but especially in those overwhelming smothering moments when all you can think about is getting what you need. That someone is God. And the encouraging words come from His Word, the Bible. This little book is divided into chapters … one for each of the most common feelings you encounter when your addiction seems to take control of you, your thoughts and especially your cravings. God’s Word is waiting to support and encourage you through these difficult times. You don’t have to dig through the Bible looking for the perfect verse. They have been fathered into one place just for you. And the verses are in everyday English for easier understanding.