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Enneagram: The #1 Made Easy Guide to the 9 Types of Personalities. Grow Your Self-Awareness, Evolve Your Personality, and Build Healthy Relationships. ... and Challenges (How To Analyze People)

Author: Tina Madison

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1722690097
ISBN 13: 978-1722690090

Are you looking for your true self? Do you want to know your personality type? Would you understand the motivations and dynamics of different personality types? Would you unlock the mystifying behavior that surface in others and yourself?

If you answer yes to one of this question, then you should take a bit of time to walk through this amazing book!
The Enneagram is a powerful ancient tool used to help individuals recognize their personality types and thus understand better their actions, thoughts, and feelings more intimately. Through this understanding, you are able to experience your life through an authentic expression of self in a way that honors your highest good and the highest good of those around you.
“Enneagram: The #1 Made Easy Guide to the 9 Types of Personalities” was designed to help you understand:

  • what the Enneagram is.
  • Identify your personality type with the Enneagram test.
  • Develop a deep sense of self-awareness through this knowledge.
  • Highlights opportunities for further growth and gives you a strong idea on what needs to happen in order for you to experience a better side of you.
No two people were made to be the same, and therefore no two approaches should be the same either. Through this secret and proven guide you will learn what identifies you as a unique individual, and how you can use this information to highlight your individuality and experience your best life possible as a result.
So, CLICK ON BUY NOW and start from today your personal journey of self-discover and development today!