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ERIC BERNE the best of Games People Play: run out that door

Author: Ernest Kinnie PhD

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1796229083
ISBN 13: 978-1796229080

Join the creative and adventurous
of your generation.

WELCOMEYes, you’re all grown up now and have to act like an adult.  You are reading this book so you have done a pretty damn good job of it.  You might have done too good a job and lost the vitality, adventurousness and joy of being a kid.Every child is an artist.
the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo PicassoTell your Adult and Parent to shut up and get out of the way.  Run out that door into the sunshine and watch the butterflies flutter by.  Put some fun and adventure into your life.Let Berne and the Tigers bring back that wonderful world, full of challenges and excitement.  Don’t let growing up shove your kid away.Margaret Mead found a way around that horror.
I was wise enough to never grow up
while fooling most people into believing I had.WOOO-HOOOOO--what a ride____________________
Wild and Free!
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