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Everyday Creativity and the Healthy Mind: Dynamic New Paths for Self and Society (Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture)

Author: Ruth Richards

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 10: 1349718408
ISBN 13: 978-1349718405

ISBN 10: 1137557656
ISBN 13: 978-1137557650

As human beings we all have creative potential, a quality essential to human development and a vital component to healthy and happy lives. However this may often remain stifled by the choices we make, or ways in which we choose to live in our daily lives. Framed by the “Four Ps of Creativity” – product, person, process, press – this book offers an alternative understanding of the fundamentals of ordinary creativity. Ruth Richards highlights the importance of “process”, circumventing our common preoccupation with the product, or creative outcome, of creativity. By focusing instead on the creator and the creative process, she demonstrates how we may enhance our relationships with life, beauty, future possibilities, and one another. 

This book illustrates how our daily life styles and choices, as well as our environments, may enable and allow creativity; whereas environments not conducive to creative flow may kill creative potential. Also explored are questions of ‘normality’, beauty and nuance in creativity, as well as creative relationships.