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Evidence Based Counselling and Psychological Therapies

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Author: Nancy Rowland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN 10: 0415205077
ISBN 13: 978-0415205078

ISBN 10: 0415205069
ISBN 13: 978-0415205061

Evidence-Based Counselling and Psychological Therapies assesses the impact of the international drive towards evidence-based health care on NHS policy and the provision of the psychological services in the NHS.
An outstanding range of contributors provide an overview of evidence-based health care and the research methods that underpin it, demonstrating its effect on policy, provision, practitioners and patients. Their thought-provoking chapters look at a variety of relevant issues including:
* generating and implementing evidence
* cost-effectiveness issues
* practical guidelines
* practitioner research
Evidence-Based Counselling and Psychological Therapies is essential for mental health professionals and trainees concerned with this movement which is having, and will continue to have a huge impact on the purchasing, provision and practice of health care.