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Face It With a Puzzle: Face Your Fear of Uncertainty (An OCD Workbook) (Volume 1)

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Author: Tammy LaBrake

Publisher: Tammy LaBrake

ISBN 10: 0998359726
ISBN 13: 978-0998359724

For People With OCD:

If you have OCD and you’re trapped in a never-ending attempt to gain certainty about a doubt you’re having, this workbook will help you accept the uncertainty and get on with living a life that matters. If you’re ready to tackle your fear of uncertainty this workbook will help you do it!

On the scale of confronting OCD, it's a mild way to start facing your fears. Even playing with words associated with doubt can help you to become desensitized to your fear of uncertainty.

The most important type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for OCD is Exposure & Response Prevention—a method of therapy that helps you confront your fears and resist compulsions.

Face It With a Puzzle, Volume 1 is a workbook filled with ERP puzzles and worksheets to systematically desensitize you to the fear accompanied by doubt and uncertainty. Structured around the principles of ERP, these exercises will encourage you to abandon compulsions and break free from OCD’s grip.

Give your brain a healthy mental workout and confront your OCD at the same time! Try this assortment of puzzles to Face Your Fear of Uncertainty.

For Therapists:

This is an essential resource designed to fit the ERP modality off treatment. Novice and seasoned therapists will appreciate having a carefully created workbook of ready-to-use, tangible exposure exercises, for their clients to use in-between sessions. This workbook is a time-saver, written and designed by an OCD therapist who knows the value of finding ways to heighten client participation in ERP.