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Face to Face with Fear Transforming Fear Into Love

Author: Krishnananda Trobe


ISBN 10: 1905399405
ISBN 13: 978-1905399406

Face to Face with Fear offers a roadmap with specific tools and guidance for how to transform fear into love. Sharing openly from his own life, his experiences working as a psychiatrist and seminar leader and his many years as a disciple of an enlightened spiritual master, Krishnananda (Thomas O. Trobe M.D.) takes us on a journey of self-discovery, self-love and healing. The approach and the message is simple. Through acceptance, understanding and compassion, we can uncover and heal the deepest wounds of our soul. This book is designed for anyone who longs to heal and to experience love. Do we ever ask ourselves what causes us so much anxiety? Why do we suffer when we don't get the love we want and need? What is the source of our fear and insecurities and how can we heal them? These are the questions that the author addresses in this book. Hiding behind our protections, denial and addictive behaviors, is a profoundly panicked and wounded part of us. Until we make friends with this frightened child inside, our life can never be a joyful and loving experience and we live in a state of co-dependency either in conflict, disappointment or in isolation. But when we open to our wounded vulnerability and heal it, we bring love and fulfillment into our lives. This book describes this healing journey. It is easy to read and full of personal examples which helps us to realize that we are all in the same boat - a boat of healing our wounds so that we can enjoy life as we are meant to enjoy it.