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Facilitating Emotional Change: The Moment-by-Moment Process

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Author: Leslie S. Greenberg

Publisher: The Guilford Press

ISBN 10: 1572302011
ISBN 13: 978-1572302013

While emotions are often given a negative connotation people are described as being "too emotional" or as needing to "control their emotions" this book demonstrates that emotions are organizing processes that enhance adaptation and problem solving. Within an experiential therapy framework, the volume shows how to work with moment-by-moment emotional processes to resolve various psychological difficulties. The first two sections introduce the process experiential approach to treatment. Exploring the interrelationships among emotion, cognition, and change, the authors develop a powerful, clinically relevant theory of human functioning. The third section, a detailed treatment manual, outlines the general principles and methods of therapy and provides step-by-step directions for six specific types of interventions. Excerpts from actual transcripts exemplify the various methods, illuminating the moment-by-moment process for both the client and the therapist.