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Family Man To Federal Inmate: The Compulsive Gambler

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Author: Thomas F. Clarence

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN 10: 143898006X
ISBN 13: 978-1438980065

This book was written behind the walls of a federal prison. It's about a regular middle-class family man that became a compulsive gambler and ended up doing illegal acts in order to feed his gambling addiction. This book is written by a regular run of the mill suburban man. No college education, in fact he earned his GED at 50 years old while behind bars. The book also explores what led up to becoming a compulsive gambler and what it can do to families. There are real life experiences depicted of what it was like in a federal prison for both the inmate that had never been in trouble before and what his family that has stood by his side also had to endure. Accurate portrayal of what it was like from diagnosis to being arrested and incarcerated. This is a self-help book that also provides insight into what worked regarding rehabilitation. The author believes it takes someone that has been through the experience to be able to relate and understand what a compulsive gambler and their loved ones are going through. Someone who hasn't gambled, can't understand what the gambler is going through, there are some thing's that can't be taught by teaching out of a classroom workbook. This is hands on book. Addictions aren't all the same, you can live without drugs and alcohol but the gambler's can't live regular life without money, Money is what fuels our addiction. This book will show the gambling addict how to live with money but not gamble.