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Fast Facts for Managing Patients with a Psychiatric Disorder: What RNs, NPs, and New Psych Nurses Need to Know

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Author: Brenda - Marshall

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN 10: 0826177743
ISBN 13: 978-0826177742

Brimming with practical insights and strategies, this unique Fast Facts resource delivers concise, quick-access information about caring for patients with common physical complaints who also have a psychiatric diagnosis. It is the first book written for nonpsychiatric nurses in multiple clinical settings to address the needs of patients with comorbid diagnoses, and it facilitates the integration of skills and strategies that support recovery for patients diagnosed with mental illness.

Delivered in a convenient pocket-sized format, the guide delivers comprehensive information in easy-to-access short chapters, bulleted lists, tables, and figures, along with “Fast Facts in the Spotlight” boxes featuring key information. Unique “Spotlight on the Unit” case studies illustrate common scenarios that nurses might encounter on the nursing floor. The book covers the diagnoses of common psychiatric disorders and addresses the symptom alliance between various medical diagnoses and mental illness, and substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. Also included are strategies for establishing a therapeutic alliance with patients who have psychiatric disorders and issues posing challenges for nurses in specific clinical settings. Additionally, the book explores the legal and ethical issues surrounding provision of care to patients with mental illness.

Key Features:

  • Delivers quick-access information about caring for patients with comorbid diagnoses—the first book to do so
  • Written for nonpsychiatric nurses in a variety of clinical settings
  • Presents key information in short chapters, bulleted content, lists, tables, and figures plus “Fast Facts” boxes
  • Covers the diagnoses of common psychiatric disorders and destigmatizes patients with mental illness
  • Provides strategies for fostering successful nursing interventions