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Feel the Fear...and Beyond: Mastering the Techniques for Doing It Anyway

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Author: Susan Jeffers

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN 10: 0449003612
ISBN 13: 978-0449003619

At last, step-by-step guidance and concrete exercises that tailor the Feel the Fear program to the demands of your busy life!

With her phenomenal bestseller Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, renowned author Susan Jeffers has helped millions of people overcome their fears and move forward in their lives with confidence, action, and love. Now in this new work, Dr. Jeffers takes us by the hand and gives us step-by-step examples that help us to incorporate her profound insights into our daily lives.

Tailored for both individual and group use--including an invaluable 30-Day Power Planner--Feel the Fear . . . and Beyond offers simple yet effective techniques for handling whatever life brings us in a strong and life-affirming way. This empowering book shows you how to

¸  Identify and conquer the one deep, abiding fear that runs your life
¸  Get in touch with the most loving part of who you are
¸  Let go of the victim mentality that pulls away all your power
¸  Confront new situations with confidence and love
¸  Open your eyes to the abundance
  And much more!

Fear may be part of our lives--but we can stop it from dominating us. In Feel the Fear . . . and Beyond, Dr. Jeffers helps us work through our worries and anxieties, and achieve the blessings of fulfillment, love, gratitude, and inner strength.