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Finding Balance: A Family's Journey to Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (The ORP Library) (Volume 13)

Author: Jeff Krukar

Publisher: RTC Publishing

ISBN 10: 1939418763
ISBN 13: 978-1939418760

Everyone has good days and bad days—but for seventeen-year-old Alex Magana, the shifts between despair and elation are dramatic, and they impact every area of his life. For years, Alex has been misdiagnosed with depression. In fact, he has bipolar disorder, and the correct diagnosis is only the beginning of his journey. Along with his parents, Alex must navigate the complex physical and emotional effects of using psychotropic medication, eventually discovering that medication is only one component of a lifelong comprehensive treatment plan. Based on dozens of intensive interviews with parents and clinicians, Finding Balance shares the challenges and triumphs of using medication to help treat a significant psychiatric disorder, as well as provides invaluable education for families on similar roads.