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First Course in Applied Behavior Analysis

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Author: Paul Chance

Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc

ISBN 10: 1577664728
ISBN 13: 978-1577664727

In this creative, engaging approach to behavior analysis, written in clear, jargon-free language, Chance blends realistic examples with research and case studies. The text includes excerpts from formidable works by respected scholars, exposing readers to significant insights about how behaviorists solve behavior problems. Chance wants his readers to learn the language of behavior analysis, to become acquainted with the most important procedures for changing behavior, and to recognize that scientific method can be used successfully to solve problems. He has created an interactive classroom experience to facilitate the learning and application of practical solutions to behavior problems. In a simulated classroom, course content is presented by Dr. Cee—a fictional instructor whose lectures are punctuated by frequent questions designed to keep readers on their toes and to think critically about a particular topic. This authoritative yet comprehensible text is written for an audience that includes parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists, therapists, and social workers.

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