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Food Crazy Mind: 5 Simple Steps to Stop Mindless Eating and Start a Healthier, Happier Relationship with Food

Author: Davina Chessid

Publisher: Davina Chessid

ISBN 10: 0997622504
ISBN 13: 978-0997622508

Are you caught in the trap of binge eating, emotional eating or compulsive eating? Do you mindlessly engage in self-sabotaging behaviors whenever you see, smell or even think about your favorite foods? If you've tried again and again to change your behavior, yet still can't imagine life without a cookie, if you've been muscling through strict diets and non-diets, if you're constantly disappointed in yourself for repeating old patterns... and if you know in your heart that you're the reason you're still stuck, you are not alone. With courage, humor and compassion (for herself as well as for others), life-style design coach Davina Chessid shares what goes on in her food crazy mind. In journal entries that engage the heart and spirit, she reveals how she faces an on-going challenge - one that society says is her fault - yet she never forgets that we're all worthy of happiness and love. Food Crazy Mind is about the struggle. It's an honest account of what it's like to live with, and begin to heal from, binge eating. The people who succeed with weight loss and healthy eating are the ones who don't give up. They find a way to keep going until they get their answers. Food Crazy Mind will show you how. Scroll up and click buy to start reading.