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Freedom From Fear: Overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and Panic

Author: MD Howard Liebgold

Publisher: Citadel Trade

ISBN 10: 0806533021
ISBN 13: 978-0806533025

In Freedom from Fear, Dr. Howard Liebgold, M.D., a psychiatrist who overcame a claustrophobic condition that lasted 31 years, reveals the techniques that he has used to help thousands of patients to conquer their fears. In the course of just a few weeks, everyone suffering from acute phobias will learn simple but powerful methods for the cure of their symptoms and how to stop panic attacks. Finally, even the most anxiety-ridden will learn the strategies and coping mechanisms to gently and safely overcome devastating, constricting fears or obsessive compulsive behaviors. By following this ten-week, step-by-step program, readers will learn to:
- Understand the nature of phobias
- Design a personalized strategy to conquer their fears
- Understand and practice non-avoidance
- Develop a mutual support system
- Follow sound nutrition and exercise practices
- Master relaxation techniques
- Freedom from Fear is the first book on phobias written by a physician who suffered and recovered from crippling phobias.