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Gambling Addiction: The Easy Guide to Stop Gambling, Understand What's Behind Your Addiction and Learn How to Terminate It Now

Author: Rick Conall

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1651769893
ISBN 13: 978-1651769898

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Are you suffering from Gambling Addiction?

Do you want to get rid of this bad Habit?

Then this is the right book for you….

Gambling and its associated harmful effects on mental and physical health, along with financial implications for the problem gambler and his family, have become very colossal.
This book offers an insight into the psychology of the gambling problem and presents ways to identify, diagnose effective treatment therapies to help individuals and affected families in countering this addictive behavior.

The book also explicitly explains self-management treatments that are of extreme importance for those problematic gamblers who lack of the care and assistance of loved ones or friends, which is a very critical factor in devising a pragmatic approach to deal with this addictive and detrimental behavior.

In this book, among other things you will learn

  • Different types of Gambling
  • Symptoms causes and effects of Gambling on one’s life
  • Myths associated with Gambling
  • How to terminate Gambling
  • How to return to your normal life after ending with the Addiction

Please get over your nonchalant approach especially if you are an addicted gambler yourself or a concerned family member of the addicted. Read this book and start changing your life for now or help change your family member’s life forever!

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