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Get Your Mojo Back: Gain Confidence After Depression

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Author: Anthony Polanco

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8614754099

Read this book If you are ready to identify your life purpose and become the ultimate version of yourself. "Get Your Mojo Back" is a DEPRESSION RECOVERY handbook filled with TECHNIQUES, CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES DESIGNED TO help you build a new character for yourself.
Are you recovering from depression? JUST LOOKING TO MAX OUT YOUR POTENTIAL? THIS BOOK IS YOUR devotional guide to an empowered mental paradigm.
"My hope is that by sharing with you principles I’ve learned and then applied to my own experience, you will intuitively see the right way for you to do it for yourself. Or at least to see the best paths in front of you, and which to try first. At the end of this book I’ll share with you some of my personal journey recovering from depression in case you need some ideas or helpful references.
This book is a compilation of the best principles and techniques I’ve invested countless dollars and hours in acquiring then stress-testing in my business, in jiu-jitsu competition, building relationships and saying yes to new experiences. I’m writing this to provide help for someone who might be in my old shoes. I’ve written this book for you if you need some help getting out of a rut and into the divine power we all have inside.”
Get Your Mojo Back: Gain Confidence After Depression is the first book written by author Anthony Polanco - Entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, consultant and former Christian missionary. Anthony Polanco is an outspoken advocate for depression recovery and mental health awareness and uses his platform to express the importance of self reflection and personal development.
Anthony Polanco is the founder of GodXP, an online community an education platform based on spirituality and personal development.
Anthony Polanco lives in Fresno, California and works independently as a digital marketing consultant, Anthony Polanco is an advocate and practitioner of kundalini yoga and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Anthony Polanco grew up as a child missionary and has served in gospel and relief aid for homeless children around the world including across the United States, Kenya, Mexico and South Korea. You can find music, writing, and other content from Anthony Polanco on his website,