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Getting to Grips With Asperger Syndrome: Understanding Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Author: Carol Hagland

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub

ISBN 10: 1843109778
ISBN 13: 978-1843109778

'Getting to Grips with Asperger Syndrome' is a practical, problem-solving guide for those caring for or supporting an adult with Asperger Syndrome (AS). It will help them understand the condition and the difficulties it may cause, so that they can offer support in the most beneficial way. The book explains what AS is and why certain behaviours frequently occur: such as anxiety, fear of change and unusual sensitivities. Once behaviours and reactions are understood, many of the apparent problems become less troublesome, and difficulties can be avoided or easily-resolved. Practical strategies are offered to combat problems that may arise, and common issues that specifically occur with individuals diagnosed later in life are addressed. Easy-to-read and accessible, this book is a useful reference for friends and family of individuals with AS, as well as health and social care staff and students, whatever the level of training and experience.