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Golf Data Journal:: Your Guide To Effective Practice Habits And High Performance Routines

Author: Chris Baker

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1986635252
ISBN 13: 978-1986635257

Too much time is wasted when practicing your golf game. Practice smarter, more effectively and get better faster. The Golf Data Journal, implements ONE new approach to your game: Getting you to record how you spend your time practicing. From the research of interviewing the worlds best coaches and players on the Podcast: These are the tools, tactics and actionable drills to make your practice more effective.Keep them in your golf bag and travel with them wherever you play. Here is a breakdown of what each book will offer you.Golf Data - Performance Statistics about your gameThis book will teach you…
  • How to keep a record of all your tournament and practice rounds.
  • How to analyze how many fairways, greens, putts you take during your round.
  • How to track what side of the course you keep hitting your drives
  • How to identify your common misses with all your approach shots.
  • The Golf Data journal will give you the creativity to explore your own unique way of playing the game. Simple works. Simple is effective. It doesn't take much to become impressive when you have a solid structure behind the time invested.