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Gratitude Journal: A 90 Day Daily Gratitude Journal for Women

Author: Shannon Roberts

Publisher: Paige Tate & Co.

ISBN 10: 1941325890
ISBN 13: 978-1941325896

Foster a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness with this 90-day gratitude journal featuring original illustrations by author and artist Shannon Roberts. 

Each day is full of challenges and blessings, but pausing to record and focus on the positive aspects of your life can produce a more grateful, thankful heart! A 90-Day Daily Gratitude Journal for Women includes 90 days of journaling pages organized to gently guide you on your gratitude journey. 

In your journal, you will find:

  • Free space to share your thoughts and record what you are grateful for each day.
  • Daily prompts and questions to engage and focus your mind on a spirit of gratitude.
  • Quotes that build and encourage a thankful heart.
  • Original illustrations by author and artist Shannon Roberts.

Each day features:

  • Journal Space: space for you to freely list and write about the things you are grateful for each day, and why you are grateful for them.
  • Writing Prompt: a daily question or statement to help focus your thoughts towards a spirit of optimism and thankfulness. These prompts address positive reflections on your past and present, as well as future goals and dreams.