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Grief Diaries: Loss By Impaired Driver

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Author: Lynda Cheldelin Fell

Publisher: AlyBlue Media

ISBN 10: 1944328262
ISBN 13: 978-1944328269

Tamara’s two sons were killed by a drunk driver in 2006. Carl’s father was killed by two drunk drivers in 2007. Bill and Julie lost three loved ones to a drunk and drugged driver in 2007. Karin lost her daughter and her husband in 2010; her husband was the drunk driver. They all have three things in common: losing a loved one to an impaired driver, facing a rollercoaster of overwhelming emotions, and embarking on a journey seeking answers, healing and hope.

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries series featuring true stories about real life experiences, this book is a portable support group for people who’ve lost a loved one to an impaired driver. Filled with answers to poignant questions, each writer invites readers into their world, and surrounds them with warmth and compassion as they seek comfort and understanding in the aftermath of their own loss.