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Handbook of Emotion Regulation, Second Edition

Author: James J. Gross

Publisher: The Guilford Press

ISBN 10: 9781462520732
ISBN 13: 978-1462520732

ISBN 10: 1462503500
ISBN 13: 978-1462503506

Reviewing the state of the science in a dynamic, thriving field, this influential handbook integrates knowledge from multiple psychological subdisciplines. Foremost experts address the neurobiological and cognitive bases of emotion regulation and examine how individuals develop and use regulatory strategies across the lifespan. The social context of emotion regulation is explored, as are personality processes and individual differences. Critical implications are discussed for psychopathology, psychosocial interventions, and health. Including helpful cross-referencing among chapters, the volume describes cutting-edge methods and identifies promising directions for future investigation. As a special bonus, purchasers of the second edition can download a supplemental e-book featuring several notable, highly cited chapters from the first edition.

New to This Edition
*Incorporates significant scientific advances and many new topics.
*Greatly expanded coverage of clinical issues and applications.
*Chapters on neural systems, delay of gratification, decision making, and health.
*Chapters on adolescence, social baseline theory, and desire regulation, plus more.
*Supplemental e-book featuring selected chapters from the prior edition.