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Handbook of Parent Training: Helping Parents Prevent and Solve Problem Behaviors

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Author: Charles E. Schaefer

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN 10: 0471789976
ISBN 13: 978-0471789970

A guide to the latest tools for teaching effective and positive parenting skills

In the last three decades, parent training has established itself as an empirically sound, highly successful, and cost-effective intervention strategy for both pre-venting and treating behavior disorders in children.

Handbook of Parent Training, Third Edition offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest research findings and clinical developments in parent training from leading innovators in the field. Featuring new chapters, this thoroughly revised and updated edition covers issues that have emerged in recent years.

Readers will find the latest information on such topics as:

Behavioral family intervention for childhood anxiety

Working with parents of aggressive school-age children

Preventive parent training techniques that support low-income, ethnic minority parents of preschoolers

Treating autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Parenting and learning tools including role playing and modeling positive and effective parenting styles

Offering practical advice and guidance for parent training, each chapter author begins by identifying a specific problem and then describes the best approach to identifying, assessing, and treating the problem. In every instance, descriptions of therapeutic techniques are multimodal and integrate theory, research, implementation strategies, and extensive case material.

Handbook of Parent Training, Third Edition is a valuable professional resource for child psychologists, school psychologists, and all mental health professionals with an interest in parent skills training.