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Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children (Autism and Child Psychopathology Series)

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Author: Johnny L. Matson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 10: 3319645919
ISBN 13: 978-3319645919

This handbook addresses a broad range of topics relating to children’s social behaviors and skills. It examines numerous disorders and problems that are directly affected by excesses and deficits of social skills. The book begins by providing an overview of the history and definition of social skills, citing it as a critical aspect of children’s development. Chapters discuss developmental issues, provide theories of social competence, and assemble proven strategies for promoting the growth of social skills and for treating their deficits.  The handbook also reviews a variety of methods for assessing various social competencies, including direct and naturalistic observation, skills checklists, self-reports, and functional behavior analysis. In addition, it provides a comprehensive overview of various training methods, including social learning, parent and peer treatments, self-control methods, social skill group programs, and curricula. 

Topics featured in the Handbook include:
  • Current research and practical strategies for promoting children’s social and emotional competence in schools.
  • Social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Intellectual disabilities and their effect on social skills. 
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and its effect on the development of social skills in children.
  • Evidence-based methods of dealing with social difficulties in conduct disorder.  
The Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children is a must-have resource for researchers, graduate students, clinicians, and related therapists and professionals in clinical child and school psychology, pediatrics, social work, developmental psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, child and adolescent psychiatry, and special education.