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Hello Beautiful: Break free from the chains of regret, self doubt and comparison, and discover the freedom, power and beauty of being the real you.

Author: Keryl Pesce

Publisher: Little Pink Press

ISBN 10: 1732949409
ISBN 13: 978-1732949409

When was the last time you felt good about yourself, worthy, and capable of achieving what it is you want out of life? If it's been so long you can't remember, Keryl Pesce has a few bits of insight for you.

Hello Beautiful is for women of all ages who deal with:

-self doubt or low self esteem


-regret over a past that cannot be changed

In this eye-opening, heart-warming book, you will discover the source of your inner critic and why the popular advice to "Just crush it," is bad advice. How can you win a war with yourself? Keryl helps you see that your inner critic is part of you and rather than fighting against it (and yourself,) she shows you how to develop a relationship with this part of you and get it working for you, not against you.

In Chapter 1, "Real is the New Black," Keryl makes a convincing case that a big part of our negative voice and anxiety is that we show up to ourselves and the world filtered and incomplete, and that the most powerful and beautiful version of you is the whole one . . . the sum of all you think, feel, are, and have experienced. If you deal with never quite feeling like enough, this chapter helps you understand why and more important, what to do about it.

In Chapter 2, "It's Okay to Not Be Okay," you will see how the positive-thinking movement has been taken to an extreme, where we fear telling others the truth of what we feel inside. This disconnect between the version of us we present to others and the real one inside creates anxiety and weakens our ability to achieve what we desire. In our belief that we shouldn't think or feel sad, angry, or afraid, we feel we are somehow failing at life and create a pressure-cooker type of situation as we continuously shove valid human emotions down. Keryl will show you that by allowing yourself permission and space to be human and experience these emotions without attaching the added pressure of judging them, they actually move through and out of you more quickly.

Imagine if all the energy you've been spending hiding your true feelings, wishing away or trying to forget your past, or change the you that you think isn't good enough was suddenly redirected to liberate, support, and guide you to a sense of peace for what is, excitement for the future, and love and appreciation for the miracle that is you.

Perhaps now is the time for you to discover the truth of who you are, to feel whole and complete, and comfortable again in your own skin. Hello Beautiful.