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Helping Children Manage Anxiety at School: A Guide for Parents and Educators in Supporting the Positive Mental Health of Children in Schools

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Author: Colleen Wildenhaus

Publisher: 9780578531649

ISBN 10: 057853164X
ISBN 13: 978-0578531649

As the rate of children with anxiety climbs steadily, teachers and parents need ways to help children manage their anxiety while at school. In Helping Children Manage Anxiety at School, author Colleen Wildenhaus uses her experience as a parent and teacher to help parents and teachers understand anxiety, create a classroom environment that supports positive mental health, and offers a guide for creating a plan for the anxious child. How do you help the child who refuses to go to school, sits alone rather than with peers, or defies all requests to complete assignments? While these situations often lead teachers and parents to identify their child’s reactions as misbehavior, the truth is anxiety is often the root cause. Using real-life scenarios, easy to implement strategies, and hands-on exercises, parents and teachers will learn that anxiety is treatable with the right tools, allowing them to provide the necessary guidance and support to children who need it most. Using the information in this book, parents and teachers will have the knowledge to help an anxious child increase their confidence and independence, reestablish peer relationships, improve their emotional well being, and see a rise in their academic abilities. With the purchase of this book, you gain access to over 20 free printable PDFs focused on supporting the anxious child. Backed by years of personal experience and success, Helping Children Manage Anxiety at School gives parents and teachers the strategies and information they need to positively support the mental health of children in the classroom.