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Hope & Healing for Transcending Loss: Daily Meditations for Those Who Are Grieving

Author: Ashley Davis Bush lcsw

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN 10: 1573246670
ISBN 13: 978-1573246675

When we lose someone close, it's easy to feel unmoored. We need to find a new rhythm to our days and new ways to connect to the ones we've lost. Ashley Davis Bush wrote this book to offer you just that: small doses of comfort and hope for getting through your day when you are still heavy with grief. Each bite-sized reading offers reassurance that healing is possible, whether it's an ordinary day of living with loss or a special anniversary day. Poetic words, combined with photographic images throughout the book, help provide solace along with the perspective that love always transcends even the deepest loss.

Death doesn't end the relationship; it simply forges a new type of relationship--one based not on physical presence but on memory, spirit, and love.