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Hoping for a Happy Ending: A journalist's story of depression, bipolar and alcoholism

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Author: Christine Stapleton

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN 10: 1438991509
ISBN 13: 978-1438991504

ISBN 10: 1438991517
ISBN 13: 978-1438991511

Foxhole-prayers, antidepressants and a trip to the junkyard with a baseball bat helped award-winning journalist Christine Stapleton get a grip on her mental illnesses - alcoholism, depression and bipolar. Christine shares her experiences - from erotic dreams about George Clooney to dark plots of suicide-by-Prius-fumes - in this collection of her weekly columns, Kicking Depression, from The Palm Beach Post. The mentally ill are sick, Christine reminds us, not bad, weak or fond of "happy pill" wisecracks.